I feel so lost without my Cross Pen and Pencil

High quality pens and pencils – engraved gifts | Cross.

I left the house today without my Cross Pen and Pencil set.  They are an Homage to Papa, who carried his religiously.  I have developed a certain dependence on mine, and find myself checking my shirt pocket and desktop constantly for my pen.  Note to self, do not forget them again.  Oh wait I cannot jot a note to myself becuase I DON’T HAVE MY FREAKING  PEN!!!


‘Casual Friday’

My, relatively, new job requires working in a cube, surrounded by cubes with the various characters that one might associate with IT people and with Cubeland type people.  All are terrific, and whether we know it or not, we all fit some stereotype or another associated with Cube People.  That, however, is not the point here…My point is that apparently, while not being spelled out in the handbook, Fridays are casual dress days.  Excuse me, but to look around any other day, it sure feels like business casual is the norm most days.  turns out fridays are Jeans Casual type of casual dress days.

So, Note to Self: iron a crease in those jeans, and have them ready each and every Thursday, because if I do not look enough like a douche not being all denimed up the last 4/5 weeks, I will certainly when I wear my creased jeans!!!

It is on like Donkey Kong y’all!!!

They took my box

yesterday, I unboxed my new White Board, and hung it in my cube. It is still virgin territory, having had no doodles or writing or any other filth sully it’s pristine surface. This is the third try for a white board, the previous 2 were flimsy, cheap, and cracked. While they could have suficed, they just lacked the ‘je ne sais quoi’ appropriate to my cube.
Speaking of my cube it is starting to take shape, I have things pinned on my pinboard, a picture frame that Kate bought for me, a stash of Mountain Dews in ove of the lockable drawers, GQ and Esquire on one corner. Overall things are coming together. I even have a candy bowl on the corner of my desk closest to the entrance to lure unsuspecting techies and assorted passers by into my world. Sadly that NEVER happens because I am placed against the far wall with minimal traffic. On the one hand it is nice, but on the other it means I have to trek everywhere to see anyone or anything. Even a trip to the ‘facility’ requires some planning. It is so far that I may as well stop by the kitchenette for a Mountain Dew swap, and go by and see someone, anyone to thoot the bull for a minute before I head back to ‘Bill Whirled’
So anyway, I started with the box…at some point overnight, aliens entered the 5th floor, and made their way to my cube and made off with my trash and the box my white board came in. Fortunately I managed to release my white board from thne box yesterday or I would have had a real time of it trying to explain why I needed them to order yet another white board.