Jan 26th, 2012

So, yesterday was my birthday.  I am officially a geezer.  remember when you were  a kid, and adults were like in their 20s, old people in their 30s and geezers about summed it up for anyone over 40.  So that’s me now.  Kate made me a new hoodie.  Actually she bought a grey hoodie from hobby lobby, and decorated it.  It is MARVELOUS!  She is quite creative and incredibly smart, and more than we can handle.  We are so terrifically blessed to have such a wonderful child.  Erika and Ian spent a good part of the day getting decorations setup, while it was not blowing a gale or raining on them.  Erika also made me a cake and Ian got some sparklers that were formed as a 4 and a 0 in place of candles for my cake.  Again we are so terrifically blessed to have such an incredibly smart and caring child.  Mom and Dad sent me an Amazon gift code (Gifting has trancended actual stuff, cash, gift cards, etc, and evolved into a code that has value…)  Ray called me and left me a voice mail singing his birthday greetings, and did a fairly good job of avoiding copywrite infringements, whether he meant to or not, that’s another question…My mother in law got me 40 (well actually 48, but who’s counting) cans of Mountain Dew.  And finally, I was inundated with greetings and birthday wishes from around the globe on Facebook.  I know that some people have tons of ‘friends’ but they are all geographically clustered, and that is a great depiction of who they are and what their peer group is.  I am happy to say that I have ‘freinds’ in many parts of the world, from Scandanavia to Japan.  My peeps travel all over the country and the world, and provide terrific details on their experiences.  I know GLBT people, and staunchly conservitive people. I know people who are financially impoverished and people dripping with cash.  They may not know each other, but they know me, and I know them.  While my peer group is relatively small, my world is so big because of all these people.  They share with me their blessing and fortunes, and their trials and tribulations.

So the remainder of the week is full and busy and so I may not get to post back tomorrow.  If not, Happy weekend to all!  If I do post tomorrow, then think of this as a trial run.


Jan. 25th, 2012


I found this in my car when I left for work today.  Thank you Erika!!!

So I turned 40 at some point today.  What fun!  It seems appropriate to reflect on the past, assess the good and the bad, and take a look at the future.  I am not going to bore my dear readers with the minutia, but I will say that I am blessed.  I have a wonderful family, a great peer group, a terrific career, and overall am happy.  Looking forward, the best is yet to come.  If I manage to double this, I will have seen both kids off to college and then into thier own lives.  I will have suffered the loss of friends and maybe family, which is something I have been mostly sparred to date.  Is it sparred or spared?  Thank you to everyone that has helped get me here and to everyone who I will encounter in the future.  We are all bettered by the people we meet and know.

While taking stock of things this morning, I managed to walk out the door without my badge.  Fortunately when I got to work, having realized this fact, I was able to locate a senior manager who vouched for me and signed me in.  On the one hand that’s great, I don’t have to burn a personal day.  On the other, it sucks because I can’t go anywhere until I am ready to leave.  Fortunately I have stuff to make a PB&J and have plenty of Dews at my disposal.  I may tempt fate though and try to go get something for lunch, hoping that I find someone who will sign me back in this afternoon.

I got to ‘coach’ Kate’s team’s practice last night, and had a blast.  We are not very good, but we have fun.  It is rec soccer, and it is all about working hard and learning, but mostly it is about having fun.  Last season we did not win a game, barely scored some goals, but we had fun.  I grew up playing soccer for fun and competitively.  For me there was no distinction in the 2.  Soccer was not about joy of winning, which we mostly did, it was about playing, and that is what made it fun.  For me playing well and having fun translated into winning, mostly, but that was not always the case.  It is hard work for me though, as a competitive person, and more so as a dad, to accept that these girls are there to HAVE FUN.  I have to remind them that they are also there to learn.  For pretty much each and everyone of them, winning or loosing is a by product of soccer, and that is the BEST THING THEY COULD LEARN.  We may not win a game this year.  If we manage to, then AWESOME, if not, oh well, as long as we have fun and learn each time we lace up our boots, that is why we are out there.

Jan. 24th. 2012

Well, I am back.  The weekend was fun, peaceful, and overall terrific.  I helped Ian with his Algebra, and did some housework.  Erika and I checked out The Chimes in Covington.  A Great place up in downtown, but down by the Boga Falaya (sp?) River.  We had a blast people watching, so many interesting characters.  Finally sunday was another lazy day.  Hanging with the family and what not.

Yesterday was a bit of a catch up day for me, so was worked to the bone, but managed to just about get what needed to be done, done.  Several little projects are all coming due about the same time, and they are all well and truely on track, so that’s a good thing.

Not sure what today holds in store for me, but I am sure it will be good.  I know tonight I get to lead 11 or 12 8/9/10 year old girls through a soccer practice.  Our first and only practice before our first game this coming saturday.  We may spend some extra time out there tonight so we can actually get some work done after all the socializing is complete.  Wish me luck, I think I will need it.

Jan 19th, 2012

Today my pop turns OLD.  wait a minute, he’s already old, well, just make that old+1 today.  Congratulations!  I hope the next year is better than the last.

On another note, I was asked about Smart Phones earlier today, here is my reply to that query:

iPhone, Droid, or Windows. If it were me, which it recently was, I would stay as par away from BBerry. u can get around the SSL pretty easily, the Active-Sync will allow non-SSL or u could get an SSL cert for like @20-50/year or less perhaps… iPhone lets u setup multiple exchange active-sync accounts, most droids will only do 1 exchange account, which probably is not that big of a deal for you.  I do not have much exposure to the Win phones, but what I have seen I like. I find my EVO (droid) and my old Incredible (also droid) internal memory filled up rather rapidlywith apps and related data, and not all applications let you more their data to an SD card, quite a PAININTHEASS!!!  The iPhone does not allow for ‘expandable’ storage, but a big one like a 16/32/64 GB phone should take a while to fill anyway.  you would likely take music, pics, and video off before it fills up anyway. My Droid’s SD card never fills up on pics, video, or music, but the internal storage does. Overall, the IPhone is a great choice, if it had been available when I switched phones (stayed on Sprint) at the time, I would have gone with that.  I was about a week off.  Overall I love my phone, it works with my car’s bluetooth, I can charge it copy music to it and what not.  I am sure the iPhone could too, just not gotten there yet… hope that helps

So, in summation, no not the legal document management application, but to wrap up my thoughts for that, there you have it.

As for yesterday, I missed a day, shoot me.  I was actually very busy at work, and knocked out a ton of stuff.  I was under the gun the whole day, and I feel like I beat expectations.  If I were a publically held company, dividends would be on the horizon.  Alas, I am not a publically held company, so there is that.  Another Flex day tomorrow, but between here and there are a bunch of meetings and things to do, so have a great day Dad, I do hope you are enjoying the gift we got you!

Jan. 17th, 20112

A Full plate at work today.  We are aggressively moving forward with migrating some apps from an old platform to SharePoint 2010.  While we are still in the planning stages, there is alot to go through, plus we are getting more requests everyday for stuff.  Along those lines my focus, today, is on creating a site for authenticating users against our AD and passing a security token to a hosted application in the cloud.  The hosted application provider is said to have this all worked out, we simply gotta create the app in IIS, bring in some code, wrap it and test it.  Problem is we cannot get in touch with them about the getting the code from them.  They said all we gotta do is reach out to them, and they’d send it right over, badabingbadaboom, it’s a done deal.




this is a pretty big deal and I have been asked to put other stuff on hold for this.  I am about to go back to other projects if they don’t get off the pot soon.

Weekend handy work


Erika, painted this last year after having seen a painting at Z-Gallerie for +$300 and scoffing at the price.  I challenged her, and she delivered! with less than $100 in materials, about $40 of which were barely used, she created this masterpiece.  I finally got around to building a frame and mounting it along with backlighting to it this weekend.  We had to clear out the Christmas decorations and what not first.  I doubt she will take this up full time, but if anyone is looking for an original, 1 of a kind Erika Watters Painting, let us know, we might be able to work something out.

For us, it is perfect!  Exactly what the room was calling for.  A good mix of colors and abstraction.  Large enough to own the wall.

This weekend, Ian and I are tackling building something along the lines of a sofa table or console table to sit behind the sofa and hold some potted plants and perhaps a lamp or 2.  We will see how it turns out.