Jan 3rd, 2012

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to blog daily, at least make an effort, and I am woefully short of that mark already.  Which is really sad, I have the WordPress app for my EVO, and it really is not that difficult to use.  Actually it is very easy to use.

To make up for that, I will do a quick recap of January 1st, and 2nd 2012.

On the first I did not do a whole heck of alot.  It was Sunday, we were recovering from NYE at Papa Pete and Dion’s house.  Kate had stayed over there, while we had driven home at 1:00am.  Yes I was COMPLETELY SOBER, but oddly we did not even see a cop the whole way home.  They must have been busy picking drunks out of canals and what not.  We managed to make it to the grocery and to a couple of shops to return a gift Erika had rec’d and generally bum around until dinner time.  Speaking of which, Erika made a tremendous Yorkshire Pudding.  While it was froma recipe she found online, she did knock it out of the park.  It was exactly what I wanted, and she delivered.  One day, I oughta look up her high school home ec teacher and thank her.

As for yesterday, again not much happened.  We hung out all day.  Oh yea, I dragged Erika to go get herself a Tattoo.

Erika's Arm
You and me have a better time than most can dream

She has been going on and on about getting something for months now.  And has waffled between different designs, locations and whatnot.  So we looked this place up, and even as we were driving up, she’s all like ‘Hold on, just park over there, let me think about this.’  I pulled in across the street, and then rolled right back over to the tattoo shop.  the whole thing  was quick and easy.  The artist did a terrific job.

So here we are on January 3rd.  I start Flex Time at work, which means longer days, but in turn I get every other friday off!  This will be awesome, I will get to save on trips across the causeway, roughly 100 miles round trip and 2+ hrs saved every 2 weeks.  That translates to about 4 gallons of gas or $10-15 every 2 weeks.  Over the course of the year that is roughly 2600 miles, 52 hrs of time, and $260-390.  Now, I am realistic, and will likely use that time to drive Ian to Field Trips, but still, this is AWESOME.

Erika and I had discussed things a bit over the course of the last couple of weeks, and decided that this year we are going to live life and have fun.  Not be lumps on a log.  That means, HAVING FUN.  We will go to Parades, go to events, hopefully buy a house, make a trip to London, usher Ian into High School, watch Kate play Soccer, make more friends we can hang with, and generally be fun and do things.  The first was Erika getting her awesome tattoo, and she went through with it!  Way to go Wifle Unit!!!


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