not sure where this came from just now, but it did, so I will share…

We have a 1st and a 2nd floor deck.  They face the west/northwest.  In the winter the wind is brutal on  them, and in the summer the evening sun is brutal on them.  I have considered many potential solutions in the past from out door curtains to enclosing them.  But It just occured to me out of nowhere.  We have a veritable sh!tload of bamboo or maybe sugar cane growing wild all over along the road way back to our neighborhood.  It is in the Public Domain, and periodically the Parish comes along and chops it all down.  Well I may just take my industrious children out there with me, and we will harvest more than we can carry, and make a cane fencing to put up to block the wind/sun…

Maybe, if I pull it off, I will post pictures for all the world to see..


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