Jan. 4th, 2012

So a couple of friends celebrate their birthday today.  Interestingly, they are from seperate areas of my past, one from High School, one from SBS Tech world.  One has cancer and is fighting daily with all that goes with that, the other is within eye shot of graduating from Law School.  To both I wish a Happy Birthday, the world is a better place because of you.

We are actively moving ourselves out of Chase Bank.  We may keep an account open to have a local banking presence, but more than likely will move that to another, truely, local bank.  Most of our banking business will be going through USAA in all likelyhood.  USAA treats people like people.  When I go into a Chase bank I feel like a dollar sign.  In my case it’s probably more like a cent sign to them, cause they really know how to treat a customer…NOT.  We got Kate a pre-paid debit card before christmas that she could use for whatever she wanted, but more specifically to buy gifts for friends and family.  At the time, the nice lady at Chase said we could refill it anytime online or in person at the bank.  HOGWASH!  I logged in to the pre-paid card site at chase and looked around for the ‘add money to this account’ section, only there is not one.  We checked the FAQs and there, quite plainly, in no uncertain terms it spells out how you cannot add money to the card.  Now I am fine with that, except for the fact that I had asked that specific question of the lady helping us at the bank and was told ‘sure, no problem.’  So I went to USAA and checked their pre-paid cards in the Youth Banking section and sure enough we can add money to their pre-paid cards.  I called this am to verify and in fact we can…so effective this week, Kate’s savings account and pre-paid Visa from Chase are moving over to USAA.  We have been with Chase for roughly 12 years and been very good customers.  When we over-drafted humbly took our medicine in the form of fees.  At one point we had very healthy balances yet were never offered additional services or anything.  USAA wants our business.  We are rebuilding our credit and savings, and USAA wants our business.  They are there to help online and over the phone ALL THE TIME!  So we are leaving Chase and probably not coming back.  While we are not terribly wealthy, seems to me they are pissing off the many to please the few.  Well they can go please the few because we are done.

As for other things, Ian wants some world history, so friday, we are going to the National World War II Museum in NOLA.  I have not been yet, but hear that it is great.


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