Jan. 5th, 2012

Happy birthday to Ray, may brother, 6 years my senior.  I could say many things about Ray, to Ray, etc, but I will hold it to this.  Thank You!  Family is all about unconditional love, and that is one thing Ray learned from our parents and their parents before them and the communities wherein we were raised.

Looking forward to a fun day.  Starts off with a couple of meetings, then some actual work, followed by more meetings to end the day.

Yesterday evening, I was reminded how blessed I am to be me.  I struggle with making decisions, but I rarely have regret or remorse after the fact.  I spent about 30 minutes online chatting with a friend who is desperately seeking a new opportunity in his life.  He has outgrown his current position, but the company he is with is not inclined to move him to a new role.  With the current economic situation he feels conflicted.  On the one hand he is blessed to have a job that is not going away anytime soon, but on the other hand he is no longer happy in that position.  He has a very shallow support network, no family, no partner to pick up the slack should he go without work for several months, etc.  He is no sob story, but I understand his struggle, and pray that God enlightens a path forward and that his eyes are open to see that path when lit.

Onto another subject, I love mine Erika!!!

She is awesome in so many ways, not the least of which by simply being.  The world is better by her presence in it.


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