SharePoint Peeps, Scripting is your friend

Whether you are an administrator or developer, scripting is the way to go. I work with a systems admin who is asigned to SharePoint Administration. He is terrific and very knowledgable, but is rather green when it comes to scripting repetative tasks. I must say that I was very blessed to have had a mentor, early on, who preached scripting batch files and .vbs files to make your life easier as an admin. While my admin buddy is smart and quick on the uptake, and he knew the benifits of scripting, it is not a very common thing for him to do. Addisiotnally he is a novice at the command line and all the tools available to him. We spent about an hour yesterday going over how to use a tool like excel to ‘build’ the parts of a batch file that is responsible for executing a ton of similar commands. Then we used notepad to clean it up. He used his pinky to hold down the ctrl button more in that hour than he has in years. We built a batch file to deploy the Microsoft Productivity Hub to a dev site quickly and easily, and repeatedly, so that if it get’s messed up, he has a script that can redeploy all the ‘products’ quickly and efficiently, without re-keying everything again and again.


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