Every car has a name

We all name our cars and create personalities for them.  Some are wonderfully creative, some are mundane.  Typically they fall under one of 2 main catagories: a) they resemble the owner/driver or b) they resemble who or what the driver/owner wants to be.  Between Erika and I we have not owned many cars together: a Sentra, MG, Volvo, Saturn, Accord, Bonneville, and now a Journey.  Oddly each of these reflected who we were at a point in time, whether we admit it or not.  All but the Sentra and Saturn were previously loved vehicles.  Each and every one did exactly what we needed them to do, which was get us by.

Our Dodge Journey, interestingly, is just exactly that.  Oddly it epitomizes our family right now.  Yes, I am almost 40.  Yes Erika just got an awesome tattoo. But here’s the thing, I wanted a car that could get the family to the beach, or to Dallas, or Tailgating, or camping, or a concert.  for us Family includes our dawgs, and so it was imperritive that we get something with a large enough that our Lab, Sadie, and our Dagle (Dachsund (sp?) – Beagle Mix) Max could ride along with us.  I wanted geeky/nerdy things like the Media Center, and Bluetooth integration with my phone and junk like that.  I wanted storage galore, and it comes in spades, because we live in our cars!  we coolect so much junk in them it aint even funny.  So having all the bins and coolers and cup holders and what not is what we need.

Erika was going to let me get a Benz or an Audi, but when it came right down to it, we are on a Journey and it is exactly what I wanted.  So now I gotta come up with a name for it.  And I gotta pimp it out.  Since it’s an awesome Black with good tinted windows all around, I am thinking some Saints decals are will be on order soon!


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