Jan. 9th, 2012

What a crazy weekend.  We spent an inordinant amount of time at Doctors’ offices and car dealerships, but all in all it was a par for the course type of weekend.

Friday, I was flexed off work!  So Ian and I took the opportunity to trek to the Old US Mint in New Orleans.  I had a great time.  The Mint is at the foot of Esplanade on the edge of the Quarter.  While the displays were nice and I enjoyed them tremendously, it was brief.  As Museums go it was not much of one.  But it was perfect for Ian.  Not too much to take in, not too overwhelming, but certainly enough to keep him engaged.  We were among the VERY FEW in attendance while we were there, maybe 4 other people.  As his father, Ian has become very transparent to me.  I see his mind working, and his thoughts, like cartoon bubbles eminating from his head, and I LOVE IT!  We spent the remainder of friday morning walking the French Quarter, winding in and out of streets until we got back tot he car.  With all the sports world focused on NOLA, big Saints and Hornets games, on the weekend, and LSU-Bama in the BCS on Monday, ESPN had a stage set at Jackson Square, and wandering camera crews taking in the sights.  That brought out alot of crazies, but we were fortunate to get out before it got too bad.  After lunch we hit a car dealership and test drove a couple cars.

Our Honda Accord is really wearing down, it wants more engine work, on top of the pushing 2 grand we’ve put into it over the last 3 months, so we decided to get a new to us car.  Going into the process, I was focused on the Honda Element, but after driving it, I was compelled to look elsewhere.  I really wanted Ian’s input as there is a real chance that he may be driving this car in a few years, and would want him to be happy with that.  Of course he may end up driving that Honda Accord too, still undecided on that one.  So after driving the element and sitting in a Mazda CX-7 as well as a Saturn Vue, I was impressed enough to know that I should keep looking.  Kate was sick Friday at school, spending the better part of it in the Office, so Friday night was a bust.  We hung out and mostly I tried to help her feel better with Advil and OTC Children’s Allergy Medicine.  By Saturday she was bad enough that we took her to an Urgent Care facility and they diagnosed her with Strep!  Yay!  But with some medication she soldiered on with me to another Car Dealership.  Erika, Kate and I walked a lot full of cars, and dutifully a Used Car Salesman came along.  He was sure nice enough, and as we talked he led us to a row of 2010 Dodge Voyagers.  These all had a variety of packages and options.  We drove the ‘pimped’ out one and I liked it.  Erika liked it too, but was not sold.  While driving her to work, we discussed things, and I decided this was the car I wanted.  It has technology and storage, decent gas mileage, still in warranty, and looks alright, as mid-size SUVs go.  It has room for the dawgs when we want to take them along with us.  It has compartments for drinks, it has a roof rack for canoes (like I am getting a canoe), but I could put bikes up there!!!  So I went back to the dealership and thanks to USAA, I was able to walk-in name the price I wanted to pay (3k off the window sticker) and seal the deal in minutes.

Link to the car, while it is still up there: http://www.rainbowchryslerdodgejeep.net/used/Dodge/2010-Dodge-Journey-ae48fb7a0a0d048d01346e64f0377091.htm

The remainder of Saturday was spent exploring the car, and setting up the uconnect system with my phone, and learing more about that.

So finally Sunday rolls around, and I feel like horse sh!t.  So we make our way over to the worlds slowest Urgent Care in the world!  I am sure I have strep too, but after about 3+ hrs of waiting, and waiting and waiting, I find that I do not have strep just real bad post-nasal drip due to allergies.  The Doctor prescribes a pharmacy full of stuff (none of which I filled yet) and sends me on my way.  So we are starved, because what should have been a quick in and out turned into an all day affair, because we decided to run to Steak and Shake in Covington for some lunch (pushing 1:30 now).  FAIL!  Why have a drive through if you cannot service the demand!  Finally we make it home and I take some regular OTC Sudafed, and Tylonol, eat, and rest.  by 3:30 I was fine.  So we ventured out to take Ian to Youth Group at CPC.  Then it was off to the Grocery.

By the time dinner was eaten, we were all spent!  Par for the course for Weekends around here though.  We did manage to pick up a King Cake in all that running around, so there is that.


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