Jan 10th, 2011

Life goes on.  Yes, ‘bama beat LSU last night, but they will have the rest of their lives knowing they are in/from Alabama.  I think we all know who the real winners and losers were last night.

I do think Les Miles is exactly the right man for LSU right now.  He is so simple and matter of fact and laid back and most of all SUPPORTIVE of his players.  I sure would have liked to have seen him throw Lee in as QB for a few drives last night, just to shake things up, but other than that, I think he has done a terrific job all year, and is the right man to lead those young men through this.

On another note I am loving the new ride.  Erika really does not not like it telling her when to turn and what not, but I do.  Not sure if she does not like the voice or that it cuts in over the radio or what.  what I like most about it  is that it provides a pretty realistic arrival time and travel time.  For me that is very important as I like to know those things and if I am going to be late, I need to tell someone.  While Big Boy football was happening, I loaded up some music onto my hard drive in the car.  Not alot, Erika uses iTunes, and I use Zune, and the file formats are DMA protected on most of it.  So I may have to dig out my CDs and rip those onto the hard drive.

Anyway, today is going to be a heads down coding and building day for me.  Wish me luck and see you on the other side…maybe.


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