Jan 11th, 2012

First off thank you Erika ofr obsessing over payment on an account.  I went online and setup the payment, but it had not shown up, and the due date was rapidily approaching, yet the payment had not shown in pending or anywhere for that matter.  All I can think of is that I did not hit a confirm button or something after entering the data in all the fields on the site.  Long story short, I made the payment, and magically this time I got a confirmation email and confirmation on the site that the payment had been submitted.

I went ahead and checked all my accounts and made sure they were all paid and up to date too!  Man it’s hard to be a grown up.  All is up to date ofr now.  The good thing is that even with the hit of an Auto Loan and all that entails my Credit Score did not go down appreciably.  Not yet at least.  I think it is because USAA already had a recent Credit Report pulled on me, so they did not need to ping the agencies again.  Have I said how much I love USAA lately?  Now I need to finish paying down my balances from Christmas shopping.  That should be done by the end of February.

Work is still fun.  I have alot of work to do, but it is fun, so there is that.  I may sign Kate up for a mini soccer camp next weekend. 3 4 hour sessions over a fri/sat/sun.  I think she will get alot out of it, especially if I don’t hover.  We’ll see, I have until the 20th to sign her up.


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