Jan 12th, 2012

Wow, my work PC has been real tempermental today.  I have endured 4 reboots before about 9:30.  Hopefully all the updates are done for now, and I can get through the remainder of the day.

Cooler weather is rolling in, for a day or 2.  Should be nice this weekend, if on the chilly side.  I am hoping to take Ian and/or Kate to do something, go somewhere on a day trip on Saturday, but if it’s windy and cold I will be in no mood for that.  Ian and Erika are going to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge tomorrow, so they will have a great time with that.

I ordered dad’s birthday present for direct ship to him tomorrow.  I hope he likes it and gets lots of use out of it.  We went to Buffalo Wild Wings last night for dinner.  We had a Gift Card burning a whole in the wallet and really did not feel like cooking last night, so there you have it.  Overall it was fun and easy going.  The service was lacking.  There seemed to be a ton of workers, but our waitress appeared to be slammed.  I was disappointed in the how little we actually interacted with the team.  Having been a service industry person, the thing I want to scream at these people, who earn their living on tips, is that they must spend more time with their customers.  I was generous in our tip last night, primarily because we had the gift card to offset some of the costs, otherwise she may not have gotten much.  Another problem that I have, and it is not just at that restaurant is the lack of cellular coverage and WiFi access.  In a social world were people check in at businesses and share their thoughts on location, not having that is horrible.  I will say it is all about that location though, because that spot is a gaping black hole for decent coverage.  But at least offer WiFi in the establishment, please!  I would hate for that place or any other loose traction or potentially close because, like it or not, those conveniences are what people want, and they will go to places that offer it over those that don’t.  There is little difference in atmosphere between Buffalo Wild Wings and say Times Grille in Mandeville.  But Times Grill has arguably better food and definately better service and coverage.  The only thing Buffalo Wild Wings has going for it, really, is it’s location.  But overall, if things don’t get beeter soon, I may not give it too many more chances…



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