Jan. 17th, 20112

A Full plate at work today.  We are aggressively moving forward with migrating some apps from an old platform to SharePoint 2010.  While we are still in the planning stages, there is alot to go through, plus we are getting more requests everyday for stuff.  Along those lines my focus, today, is on creating a site for authenticating users against our AD and passing a security token to a hosted application in the cloud.  The hosted application provider is said to have this all worked out, we simply gotta create the app in IIS, bring in some code, wrap it and test it.  Problem is we cannot get in touch with them about the getting the code from them.  They said all we gotta do is reach out to them, and they’d send it right over, badabingbadaboom, it’s a done deal.




this is a pretty big deal and I have been asked to put other stuff on hold for this.  I am about to go back to other projects if they don’t get off the pot soon.


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