Jan 19th, 2012

Today my pop turns OLD.  wait a minute, he’s already old, well, just make that old+1 today.  Congratulations!  I hope the next year is better than the last.

On another note, I was asked about Smart Phones earlier today, here is my reply to that query:

iPhone, Droid, or Windows. If it were me, which it recently was, I would stay as par away from BBerry. u can get around the SSL pretty easily, the Active-Sync will allow non-SSL or u could get an SSL cert for like @20-50/year or less perhaps… iPhone lets u setup multiple exchange active-sync accounts, most droids will only do 1 exchange account, which probably is not that big of a deal for you.  I do not have much exposure to the Win phones, but what I have seen I like. I find my EVO (droid) and my old Incredible (also droid) internal memory filled up rather rapidlywith apps and related data, and not all applications let you more their data to an SD card, quite a PAININTHEASS!!!  The iPhone does not allow for ‘expandable’ storage, but a big one like a 16/32/64 GB phone should take a while to fill anyway.  you would likely take music, pics, and video off before it fills up anyway. My Droid’s SD card never fills up on pics, video, or music, but the internal storage does. Overall, the IPhone is a great choice, if it had been available when I switched phones (stayed on Sprint) at the time, I would have gone with that.  I was about a week off.  Overall I love my phone, it works with my car’s bluetooth, I can charge it copy music to it and what not.  I am sure the iPhone could too, just not gotten there yet… hope that helps

So, in summation, no not the legal document management application, but to wrap up my thoughts for that, there you have it.

As for yesterday, I missed a day, shoot me.  I was actually very busy at work, and knocked out a ton of stuff.  I was under the gun the whole day, and I feel like I beat expectations.  If I were a publically held company, dividends would be on the horizon.  Alas, I am not a publically held company, so there is that.  Another Flex day tomorrow, but between here and there are a bunch of meetings and things to do, so have a great day Dad, I do hope you are enjoying the gift we got you!


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