Jan. 25th, 2012


I found this in my car when I left for work today.  Thank you Erika!!!

So I turned 40 at some point today.  What fun!  It seems appropriate to reflect on the past, assess the good and the bad, and take a look at the future.  I am not going to bore my dear readers with the minutia, but I will say that I am blessed.  I have a wonderful family, a great peer group, a terrific career, and overall am happy.  Looking forward, the best is yet to come.  If I manage to double this, I will have seen both kids off to college and then into thier own lives.  I will have suffered the loss of friends and maybe family, which is something I have been mostly sparred to date.  Is it sparred or spared?  Thank you to everyone that has helped get me here and to everyone who I will encounter in the future.  We are all bettered by the people we meet and know.

While taking stock of things this morning, I managed to walk out the door without my badge.  Fortunately when I got to work, having realized this fact, I was able to locate a senior manager who vouched for me and signed me in.  On the one hand that’s great, I don’t have to burn a personal day.  On the other, it sucks because I can’t go anywhere until I am ready to leave.  Fortunately I have stuff to make a PB&J and have plenty of Dews at my disposal.  I may tempt fate though and try to go get something for lunch, hoping that I find someone who will sign me back in this afternoon.

I got to ‘coach’ Kate’s team’s practice last night, and had a blast.  We are not very good, but we have fun.  It is rec soccer, and it is all about working hard and learning, but mostly it is about having fun.  Last season we did not win a game, barely scored some goals, but we had fun.  I grew up playing soccer for fun and competitively.  For me there was no distinction in the 2.  Soccer was not about joy of winning, which we mostly did, it was about playing, and that is what made it fun.  For me playing well and having fun translated into winning, mostly, but that was not always the case.  It is hard work for me though, as a competitive person, and more so as a dad, to accept that these girls are there to HAVE FUN.  I have to remind them that they are also there to learn.  For pretty much each and everyone of them, winning or loosing is a by product of soccer, and that is the BEST THING THEY COULD LEARN.  We may not win a game this year.  If we manage to, then AWESOME, if not, oh well, as long as we have fun and learn each time we lace up our boots, that is why we are out there.


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