Jan 26th, 2012

So, yesterday was my birthday.  I am officially a geezer.  remember when you were  a kid, and adults were like in their 20s, old people in their 30s and geezers about summed it up for anyone over 40.  So that’s me now.  Kate made me a new hoodie.  Actually she bought a grey hoodie from hobby lobby, and decorated it.  It is MARVELOUS!  She is quite creative and incredibly smart, and more than we can handle.  We are so terrifically blessed to have such a wonderful child.  Erika and Ian spent a good part of the day getting decorations setup, while it was not blowing a gale or raining on them.  Erika also made me a cake and Ian got some sparklers that were formed as a 4 and a 0 in place of candles for my cake.  Again we are so terrifically blessed to have such an incredibly smart and caring child.  Mom and Dad sent me an Amazon gift code (Gifting has trancended actual stuff, cash, gift cards, etc, and evolved into a code that has value…)  Ray called me and left me a voice mail singing his birthday greetings, and did a fairly good job of avoiding copywrite infringements, whether he meant to or not, that’s another question…My mother in law got me 40 (well actually 48, but who’s counting) cans of Mountain Dew.  And finally, I was inundated with greetings and birthday wishes from around the globe on Facebook.  I know that some people have tons of ‘friends’ but they are all geographically clustered, and that is a great depiction of who they are and what their peer group is.  I am happy to say that I have ‘freinds’ in many parts of the world, from Scandanavia to Japan.  My peeps travel all over the country and the world, and provide terrific details on their experiences.  I know GLBT people, and staunchly conservitive people. I know people who are financially impoverished and people dripping with cash.  They may not know each other, but they know me, and I know them.  While my peer group is relatively small, my world is so big because of all these people.  They share with me their blessing and fortunes, and their trials and tribulations.

So the remainder of the week is full and busy and so I may not get to post back tomorrow.  If not, Happy weekend to all!  If I do post tomorrow, then think of this as a trial run.


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