March 16th, 2012

The house of bumpkin will be actually taking shape soon!  check out the latest at for breaking news.  Or don’t…

If you are a .Net Developer and/or a SharePoint Developer and/or a BI Developer and/or know ANYTHING ABOUT SHAREPOINT, SQL, PERFOMANCEPOINT, South Louisiana is the place to be!  There are jobs everywhere right now.


March 2nd, 2012

My last day at Stewart Enterprises, Inc.  and it’s a half one at that! 🙂

my next challenge begins in ernest (sp?) on Monday.

Erika and I have started a blog dedicated to Our Maison du Rustre.  You can see it here: it may or may not be interesting, even to the point of compelling, but there is likely to be some stuff posted over there.  The Primary reason for chronicaling stuff over there, rather than on here, is that is a shared blog, and we can both post stuff over there via our wordpress apps on our Sprint Evos running Android.  We can take pics and post them directly to the blog, and we can post updates as they are happening while standing or sitting right there.  It purports to support audio and video, although we may need to have to pay for that, so that may not happen.  We may just post it to YouTube or Facebook and make references here.  Anyway, that’s the story, I am sticking to it…

March 3rd, 2012

What a great day yesterday. Everyday in the Lord OS. Great Day, but some seem to be better than others, some worse.  Well yesterday falls on the better side…
It was my last full time day @ Stewart, I went and picked up my new stuff for my new gig, got 2 more job offers, and got to hang with the family.  All in all a great day. 
Erika and I rode out to see La Maison du Rustre in Tallow Creek.  While out in the hood, we met another family who is looking to build out there.  They too were knocked back a peg or 2 by the recession, but seem to have landed right side up.  I knew that there were a lot more of us out there, but it was good to meet and talk to some of them.  They were super nice, but had it not been for this chance meeting, we may never otherwise would have met them.  They are certainly people we would get along with. Who knows they may become our neighbours…or
we may never cross paths again.
We have done pretty darn well in cutting out our fast food and dining out, so last night we splurged bumpkin style and went to the Cracker Barrel. After that we took Kate to a friends house for a sleepover and drove past the lot 1 more time.
Erika is asleep, I gotta go get ready for Kate’s game this morning, then relax before another big week.  Be sure to check out the blog about the house, maybe we’ll have some pix of the stakes in the ground where they marked the lot later.

What is in a name

I was toying around with Google Translator for a name for the house…see this post here for a little background:

after playing around with a couple of things, I got to this one:|fr|maison%20de%20l’ploucs which when translated says House of the Rednecks…Interestingly, I started with Home of the Bumpkin, then pluralized that then reversed the translation and there ya have it…Erika still likes Mason du rustre which is House of the Bumpkin, but that leads to an as yet to be answered who is the referred to Bumpkin?  Which would lead to a whole other discussion, which may not bode well for the whole “Welcome to the neighborhood”, “oh thanks, we like it so far”, “say who is the Bumpkin”, “what?, oh that…you’ll have to figure it out”, “well you live here, so it must be you”, “yes, but so does my wife and 2 kids and 2 dawgs, and Beyonce”, “who is Beyonce? You have a Popstar living in your house?”, “What? no”, “then who is Beyonce?” at which point I would have to refer the passing neighbor to The Bloggess, and that would open yet whole other line of questions, which would be far too much for a passing conversation while standing in the road which would undoubtedly lead to holding up passing traffic, which would retrigger the whole conversation as people emerge from their Elephants to see what it is that is so important that we cannot move out of the roadway to let the pass, which we actually could, only we are too wrapped up in our conversation to be bothered with noticing that we are holding up traffic, which is why the people in their elephants stopped in the first place…but I digress.

March 1st, 2012

Well I took a month off from posting here. So much happened that it was difficult for me not to step in here and discuss, but I managed, so here is a small recap of some of the things that did happen…These are in no particular order.
Erika and I signed a contract to build a house with DSLD Homes in Tallow Creek, which is a subdivision in Covington, LA.  It will look a little something like this:

This is huge for us, and hopefully, I will be posting daily updates about the process and the construction.

We also celebrated Mardi Gras 2012.  Overall it was a great time for the whole family.  We had planned on going to far more parades than we actually attended, but that was primarily due to poor weather conditions, and the fact that we are OLD FOLKS!

Ian had a birthday.  He is taller than his mama, and has a Facebook account and so much more going on that his momma and I are just not ready for.  His and Kate’s aging and transition from childhood to teenagers/young adults really spurred us into action on the new house.  We have been lifelong renters.  We did try this whole build and buy thing just about 10 years ago.  We put up a deposit on the construction of a house in Roanoke, TX, just as Erika was pregnant with Kate.

  We had picked out all the colors for it, the brick, the carpet, the floor tiles, etc.  Everything was timed to perfection, Kate was due, house was to be completed at just the same time that Kate would arrive, we would start the next phase of our life with a new baby and a new house.  About a month from that, I lost my contract.  The company I was with terminated the contract of me and a half dozen other people.  Fortunately we were able to get out of the purchase agreement, and we proceeded to spend the savings on having a child and paying bills until I got a new job.  We were a little stung by the prospect of buying a house for a long time, then the economy tanked, and we moved to Southeast Louisiana, and finally things turned around enough for us to get back to this point, 10 years later.

What else has happened, oh yea, I start a new gig on Monday!  It’s a big deal for me and the family, and I am really looking forward to it.  I just started at Stewart less than 6 months ago, but this is great opportunity for me and I really could not say no.  The major thing about the change is that I will not be comutting across the Causeway everyday.  I have really enjoyed working here, fortunately I have not gotten too engrossed into the culture that i cannot extracate myself easily.  I will miss the people that I work with, but this is the way of the corporate culture these days.  end bummer!

So as you can see, while I was not posting daily during February, it is not for a lack of subject matter.  In fact quite the opposite, there was far too much going on to stop and write it all down.