What is in a name

I was toying around with Google Translator for a name for the house…see this post here for a little background:


after playing around with a couple of things, I got to this one: http://translate.google.com/#auto|fr|maison%20de%20l’ploucs which when translated says House of the Rednecks…Interestingly, I started with Home of the Bumpkin, then pluralized that then reversed the translation and there ya have it…Erika still likes Mason du rustre which is House of the Bumpkin, but that leads to an as yet to be answered who is the referred to Bumpkin?  Which would lead to a whole other discussion, which may not bode well for the whole “Welcome to the neighborhood”, “oh thanks, we like it so far”, “say who is the Bumpkin”, “what?, oh that…you’ll have to figure it out”, “well you live here, so it must be you”, “yes, but so does my wife and 2 kids and 2 dawgs, and Beyonce”, “who is Beyonce? You have a Popstar living in your house?”, “What? no”, “then who is Beyonce?” at which point I would have to refer the passing neighbor to The Bloggess, and that would open yet whole other line of questions, which would be far too much for a passing conversation while standing in the road which would undoubtedly lead to holding up passing traffic, which would retrigger the whole conversation as people emerge from their Elephants to see what it is that is so important that we cannot move out of the roadway to let the pass, which we actually could, only we are too wrapped up in our conversation to be bothered with noticing that we are holding up traffic, which is why the people in their elephants stopped in the first place…but I digress.


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