March 2nd, 2012

My last day at Stewart Enterprises, Inc.  and it’s a half one at that! 🙂

my next challenge begins in ernest (sp?) on Monday.

Erika and I have started a blog dedicated to Our Maison du Rustre.  You can see it here: it may or may not be interesting, even to the point of compelling, but there is likely to be some stuff posted over there.  The Primary reason for chronicaling stuff over there, rather than on here, is that is a shared blog, and we can both post stuff over there via our wordpress apps on our Sprint Evos running Android.  We can take pics and post them directly to the blog, and we can post updates as they are happening while standing or sitting right there.  It purports to support audio and video, although we may need to have to pay for that, so that may not happen.  We may just post it to YouTube or Facebook and make references here.  Anyway, that’s the story, I am sticking to it…


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Dad, Husband, Brother, Son , Soccer Player/Fan, SharePoint Person, All Around Geek

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