March 3rd, 2012

What a great day yesterday. Everyday in the Lord OS. Great Day, but some seem to be better than others, some worse.  Well yesterday falls on the better side…
It was my last full time day @ Stewart, I went and picked up my new stuff for my new gig, got 2 more job offers, and got to hang with the family.  All in all a great day. 
Erika and I rode out to see La Maison du Rustre in Tallow Creek.  While out in the hood, we met another family who is looking to build out there.  They too were knocked back a peg or 2 by the recession, but seem to have landed right side up.  I knew that there were a lot more of us out there, but it was good to meet and talk to some of them.  They were super nice, but had it not been for this chance meeting, we may never otherwise would have met them.  They are certainly people we would get along with. Who knows they may become our neighbours…or
we may never cross paths again.
We have done pretty darn well in cutting out our fast food and dining out, so last night we splurged bumpkin style and went to the Cracker Barrel. After that we took Kate to a friends house for a sleepover and drove past the lot 1 more time.
Erika is asleep, I gotta go get ready for Kate’s game this morning, then relax before another big week.  Be sure to check out the blog about the house, maybe we’ll have some pix of the stakes in the ground where they marked the lot later.


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