Why it’s OK to leave a tech job at 5 p.m. – CNN.com

Why it’s OK to leave a tech job at 5 p.m. – CNN.com.

the best part is this…’Ultimately, I think the measure of our work is in our productivity, not the number of hours we put in…’ so true, but in the current system, the method by which productivity and value is measured almost entirely on a time equation, rather than a results equation, unless you are an owner or a business.  While this industrial age system works, it is fraying at the seems and ought to adapt to the world in which we work and exist.  The eternal question is how does an entity compensate for work on an effort basis without subjectivity coming into the equation for information workers who do not make widgets or consumables.  A Salary is devised to compensate an employee for their application of intellectual property to company.  Currently that application is measured by units of time rather than the actual value of the work performed or the value of the intellectual property as it is applied to the company’s income.  Can employers and information workers properly overcome this disconnect without major disruptions to the status quo?


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