My 10 year old daughter…

…is awesome, inspiring, a ROCKSTAR!  Yesterday was her birthday, and the one thing she really WANTS is to have a huge blow-out party…we did not give her that.  She was understandably disappointed, but she managed to make it a tremendous birthday none-the-less.  Our friends will recognize how terrific she is, how big her heart is, how genuinely nice she is, and how she is becoming the picture perfect young lady.

As you may know already, we are building Maison du Rustre for our family.  This is not a trivial persuit for Erika or me.  We specifically made the decision that this is exactly what our family needs.  The dogs need a back yard to rule, the boy needs a home with stability and consistency, Erika needs a kitchen that matches her ambitions, we need a garage to park in without getting wet when it rains.  Kate needs a neighborhood, she needs a room she can paint and design 1000 times over, she needs a place to retreat to when life is overwhelming, and she needs a place that can take as much love as she has to give.  We told her that we would give her a blow-out soon, but that she has to wait for the right time.  She made the best of the situation by dragging us to Olive Garden and then shopping for her Birthday, and she lived in the moment and loved it.  Yes she was disappointed, but once we are in la Maison du Rustre, we will be able to give her birthdays and and cookouts and pool parties and saturday night parties and ice cream socials and lemonade stands and who knows maybe a pool in the back yard and a tree house in the woods behind the house, and a loft bed in her room and paint it 1000 times over and a tv and a wii and punching bag and whatever she wants, but for now she needs a home to grow up in, we need a house to grow old in, the dogs will need a place to rest, and the boy needs a home base to be grounded in.

So Kate, you are the best 10 year old daughter ever, and you deserve your birthdays and your sleep overs and your guitar lessons and your sneeking out when your 21 years old 😉 but all in due time.  For now, thank you for being such a great young lady and inspiring us, Mom and Dad, to make the decision we have run from for the last 10 years, and for showing us how to grow up.


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2 thoughts on “My 10 year old daughter…”

    1. I can’t stop crying. He speaks so well of his family, as well as he spoke about his beautiful wife (my daughter) at their wedding.

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