It’s the little things

When I joined my new firm, they got me a new Laptop, with all the extras, 24″ monitor, docking station, and wireless keyboard and mouse.  It’s a real nice setup, but the laptop is a Dell.  Specifically a Latitude E6520.  Over the past many years of supporting end users, home users and data center equipment, I had given up on Dell as a capable provider of IT equipment.  I have been working with an HP VAR as well as individually using HP Laptops and Desktops, and have been sold on them.  They are terrific, reliable and sturdy, everything Dells are not.

However, this laptop is actually pretty darn good.  It clearly is not an entry level or home user machine, and the quality does show through.  The lid hinge is solid, the case, is only a little flimsly, the keyboard is solid.  My favorite thing though is the light up keyboard, available via fn+ right arrow.  Yea, it’s the little things, and while this is quite possibly the smallest of things it is very kool.  My Personal HP EliteBook has a light that pops out and that’s kool, but the light up keyboard is very kool.  the kind of thing that makes me think twice about whether they are a player again in the marketplace.  for now, we are still and HP house, but we may come back around…


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