Sheetrock Stage!!!


Sheetrock Stage Update

Here is a new status update on your home at Lot 0xxx xxxxxx xxxxx! It is starting the Sheetrock Stage, which lasts approximately 6 days. During this time sheetrock will be hung and finished. During the sheetrock stage work will still proceed on the outside of the house. This includes applying the brick and stucco (if applicable), as well as beginning the siding installation. Once sheetrock is complete, the home will enter the Trim Stage. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask!

We are really making progress!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lot Information

Lot: 0xxx
Community: xxxxxx xxxxx
Model: Dupr3 A
Address: Maison du Rustre

Kassandra Keeley


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stop banging ur head


As evidenced in the latest blogs, I’ve been spending a lot of time aggregating my content types into customized Content Query Web Parts (CWQP).  Soon, I’m going to need to branch out to other web parts.

Something I needed to research today which took longer than it should have:  how do you format the datetime elements when you use the ddwrt namespace?

Here’s a resource for customizing the CQWP:
This page helped:
This provided more examples of the FormatDateTime formatting codes (like YYYYMMDDThh:mm):
Here’s a list of languages with their LCID:
The FormatDate function date formates are expressed with an integer, here are a couple of examples:

I also learned that "Sharepoint works with dates in the ISO8601 format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ" so when I delve into CAML I can write stuff like this:

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The Bear needs to learn to go to bed

She is struggling, right now, with late night insomnia. She has difficulty settling in and shutting down. I am hoping this can be overcome by the new house, new room, no strange noises, no bugs or leaky windows that let the breezes in. She is starting to worry, more and more about things that she need not concern herself with, fearing that Sadie may die soon because she’s getting older, kids on the bus talkin’ about ghosts and what not…ARGHHHHHH!!!
Add onto that she’s scared something is going to happen to me driving back and forth to Baton Rouge, couple that with Her Momma’s genes and she’s on the verge of becoming a basket case. Hopefully some rest and a new environment this summer will help smooth her over and make things better.

Turning 60: The Twelve Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned So Far – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review

Turning 60: The Twelve Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned So Far – Tony Schwartz – Harvard Business Review.

There are some gems in here.  I am sure most of these I have heard in some size, shape or fashion at some point other than in that post, but it is nice to have all these in a single reference.  The best one for anyone to learn, I think, is number 10. Do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do, don’t expect anything in return.