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As evidenced in the latest blogs, I’ve been spending a lot of time aggregating my content types into customized Content Query Web Parts (CWQP).  Soon, I’m going to need to branch out to other web parts.

Something I needed to research today which took longer than it should have:  how do you format the datetime elements when you use the ddwrt namespace?

Here’s a resource for customizing the CQWP:
This page helped:
This provided more examples of the FormatDateTime formatting codes (like YYYYMMDDThh:mm):
Here’s a list of languages with their LCID:
The FormatDate function date formates are expressed with an integer, here are a couple of examples:

I also learned that "Sharepoint works with dates in the ISO8601 format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ" so when I delve into CAML I can write stuff like this:

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