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I really enjoy using this.  It’s a web service that essentially allows a person create macros, with Javascript, for his/her Android Phone.  I gather it may also work with other Mobile OSes, but I really don’t care about that, yet.


So far, I have stayed pretty close to the default ‘recipes’ by creating simple rules that follow very simple logic.  But I am starting to get more adventurous.  With mobile connectivity and the ability to tweet, post status to facebook, send SMS, send email, and more, really the opportunities are endless to interact with a wide variety of services and people, in an automated maner.

One thing I may build is a simple ‘App’ that records my time at various activities, and builds a log for me, all via SMS or email, then I could essentially take that, series of entries, and do my billable time.  I could do my expenses really easily, by having it send an email when I leave the house, and then send another when I arrive along with the mileage.  Heck, I can have it look up the traffic conditions en route, and weather feed, and let me know what’s up.  It can look at my calendar, and read me my appointments for the next 12 hours, my tasks for the next 12 hours, etc…

The hardest part is going to be setting the core features I want and limiting an initial build to that…then add functionality as I go…I am SUPER Psyched about it!

Think about this, I could set a document library in SharePoint to accept incoming email from me, send it the details of my day, then use work flow and/or content management to build that data out into a daily blog and capture my day.  It could take a picture, capture the weather, my geo location and more!

wow, I am geeked up!!!


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