Is Your College Going Out of Business? | LinkedIn

Is Your College Going Out of Business? | LinkedIn.

I try to keep up with Mark Cuban on a regular basis. His ideas about alot of things are smack, dead on. Rarely does he say anything that does not cause pause. This topic is no different.
I especially enjoy some of the comments posted.
My take? First some perspective. I went to college. It was expected that I would go to college. It was expected that most of my cousins and my brother would go to college. It was expected that most of my peers would go to college. My wife did not go to college, her family did not go to college. It was not expected by her her family that she would go to college. Her dad was successful, professionally without it, his siblings and peers were all successful without it.
My brother went to college, but for a variety of reasons, none of which involved lack of intellectual power or ability, he never finished college. He has built himself into a generally successful professional with a satisfactory career. I completed a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Pre-Law and a Minor in History. Which, freely translated means a liberal arts degree. My mother regularly told freinds and aquaintences that I majored in Beer, Women, and Soccer, not necissarily in that order. In all honesty, that was pretty close to accurate. For the most part, I learned very little in college that I apply in my day to day life or career, from an academic stance. I rarely apply the copious amounts of economics, accounting, art history, or any of it, per se. I do, however, apply many of the other things I learned in college. Not the least of which were critical thinking, analysis of complex issues and interpersonal relations. The value of these things learned through several years of being given just enough rope to hang myself, and working under some artificial pressures preparred me for a variety of careers and opportunities, none of which I could have ever imagined before college or even during that period of my life.
Am I better off than my brother? maybe. We have reached the point in our professional lives that I feel, without the completion of a bachelors and masters degree, he has maxed out his earning potential. I am hoping I am wrong about that. I, on the other hand feel like I am still growing professionally. That opportunity is availed to me because of my degree, opportunity that is not there for my brother, right now.
Back to the question? Is your college going out of business? Mine did. What I got out of it was 15 years of debt. But I also got a ton of skills that I am able to apply. I also got a degree; something that says to anyone asking, that I completed a degree program from an accredited institution. What that tells people is that I can set a goal, work to it and complete it. There is a whole lot that goes with that degree, that others recognize, not for the name of the school, or for the degree plan, but for the accomplishment.
My kids are expected to go to college. Do I expect them to study accounting and become a CPA one day, no, do I expect them to be pre-med or biology and go on to become doctors, no. I will encourage them to study a liberal arts program. Learn about themselves and develop skills that they will apply everyday for the rest of their lives. Hopefully while incurring the least amount of debt possible. For me and my wife this is an imminent issue. Wish us luck!


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One thought on “Is Your College Going Out of Business? | LinkedIn”

  1. “I majored in Beer, Women, and Soccer, not necessarily in that order.” This sentence make much more sense than anything else.. !!!

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