Regarding Project in progress

Project in progress.

Regarding this first Project in Progress, we picked up a variety of tools, not the least of which were:
$26.00 PORTER-CABLE Bare Tool Detail Power Sander
$54.00 PORTER-CABLE Bare Tool 1-Degree 6-1/2-in Cordless Circular Saw
We also got some Saw horses (need to build a work bench or 3 very soon!).
Erika let me take the lead on the measuring and cutting with the new Power Saw.
We worked together on the drilling and screwing (get your mind out of the gutter Mom! Then Erika took the lead with the wood filler, the sanding, priming and painting, which she has told me WILL BE DONE TODAY!
Our new Console Table has been a Console Tables and Plans by Skill Level -> Stater Project and click Apply” target=”_blank”>great starter project. We are confident we will get close to the example and really geeked up to start the next one.
I have to say I have the little wifle unit that could. She’s an awesome cook, does an alright job with the kids and keeps up the house now that she is not killing herself for a paycheck, and is quite skilled with the power tools and paint brush (see also her painting inspired by Z-Gallerie!). All in all she’s a keeper.
wish her luck in painting in the garage today. Who knows we might have some more pics up by dinnertime!


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