ArcGIS API for JavaScript

I have been working on a project for the last week or so that has exposed me to ArcGIS and consuming it in Web Applications.  I was recently tasked with trying to build an app and use the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.  I am happy to report that I have successfully built a working Proof of Concept on that.  It plots points ont he map and provides a simple popup dialog layer that displays relative information, drawn from an SQL Data Source.  It’s pretty cool.

My next challenge is to adapt this for my own purposes.  I am planning on replacing the provided dojo popup layer with a layer from LyteBox.  In the popup layer, I want to provide charts, SSRS Reports, links and more; perhaps even some pictures when they are provided by the data source.

Having worked with the Flash Builder to modify the clients existing ArcGIS Client application, I am finding their JavaScript support much easier to work with.  I am also pleased with the cross browser and multi-client support.  I can take a blank web application and pretty quickly build it to display points, boundries and a variety of other things from backend sources…

If I am successful with all this, I may try some of the other tutorials they provide, like consuming ad-hoc data on the map and adding mulitple layers defined in ArcMap.  For example, I still don’t really have clustering sorted out in my head…


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