SharePoint’s BI Printing Story Sux!!!

So one of my issues currently is that we have a variety of reports that are delivered in a variety of manners.  Some are PowerPivot reports displayed in Excel Web Services, others are simple SSRS Reports, and others still are Performance Point Dashboards that display a variety of datasets in a variety of data formats.  When built and displayed online these all perform well, however, we are unable to attach a simple, common printing functionality to any of these.

Now admittedly, with the push to ‘Green’ up processes, our goal is to minimize printing.  However, not all our clients and consumers live online or infront of their devices all day long.  In requirements gathering, printing is one of the peices of functionality that was over-looked and/or assumed by not really stated.  So we are at a junction, and I am in the cross hairs.  I have to find a solution that supplies users with, at minimum, the ability to print to PDF.  For the SSRS Reports, this is generally very easy, but for the Excel Web Services Reports and the Performance Point Reports, it is not so simple.

At this point, I am very close to replacing everything we built in other technologies with SSRS Reports and just being done with it.  Another option may be to build a middle teir print to PDF, that can be inserted onto each and every page and deliver that report to the consumer.

I love a good Challenge, except when it comes to my arch nemisis, Printing…


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