Hopefully, I will be able to let off some steam, share some stuff, and if nothing else annoy some people, if only for a minute.

I work in It, specifically with Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, but more generally with all things Computer related.  I am the father of 2 awesome kiddos that you may or may not learn more about here and ‘DH’ to ‘The Wifle Unit’. which is in no way a reference to anything baseball.  Perhaps through this excercise the terms will become self-evident, and if not, oh well.

I have a passion for all things ‘Soccer’ and follow Arsenal, Fulham and Wolves regularly.  I will not loose sleep over any of it, but do care and therefore divert an inordinant amount of time and attentetion to these teams.

I try not to take things too seriously, but please do not eff around in the comments or banter.


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