Our latest project

This is not our house, but exactly like our house come this summer!

it is awesome!  Erika is so essited she just can’t stand it!  So am I, but that’s not the point.

So we were discussing what we should name the house.  All great people have named their country homes.  I saw a whole series on the subject on A&E years ago, so it must be true.  So in that vein I got to thinking, and popped a couple of ideas into Google Translator.  After much trial and error we came up with 2 primary ideas:

House of the Bumpkin
House of the Bumpkin in French


House of the Bumpkins in French
House of the Bumpkin in French

I may be adding a pole to take my dear readers pulse on the matter at a later date, perhaps as we get closer to closing on the property.  Until then your assignment is to come up with the most creative name you can and watch the blog, facebook, pinterest and twitter as we proceed into awesomenessness…


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