Fajita Rub

Fajita Rub

Erika Mixed up a batch of her Fajita Rub a little while ago and the smell has penetrated every nook and cranny in the house. This stuff is intoxicating!
I bet if we ask nicely she will share the recipe.


SSRS Images from Database

SSRS Images from Database

SSRS Report Builder 3.0 is a very good tool once you understand it. But clearly some parts were built by eager, thorough coders and others were less ambitious. I fear the ability to embed images from a Database is one such example. Conceptually it is right, the executional is, well, less than exceptional. There are very few actual options for rendering, specifically, compressing the image for faster rendering. Now, I do realize that a developer could attach some code to accomplish it, however, it is not very realistic or easily accomplished. Perhaps in the next version they will update this…perhaps.